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Our Services

PG Hostel Management

Innovative PG Management software to manage 100% PG operations with one single software. Our Software has a structure with an easy and intuitive design to improve the effective management of PG Hostels. Designed with the strongest financial software to track all the money related transactions in the PG, the hostel management software has everything you need to run a PG smoothly.

Real Estate

Our real estate software meet every aspect of the customer needs in the real estate industry. With the immense experience in catering to the requirements of Indian property dealing services, we serve the clients with out of the box solutions. We offer innovative software solutions that differentiate your business from competitors as we work closely to know your unique requirements.

Accounting & Sales

Our accounting software makes it easy to process payments and accounts, search for the transaction number and customer names in your database, bill customer contacts and locations directly and send the invoices from anywhere in the world from a remote distance.


Break away from the regular CRM Solutions and be different with SiliconR innovative CRM solution. Enhance your business communication challenge in an intuitive way with our CRM Software services. Growing your business exponentially comes easy and handling your team become more efficient. Turn your business into customer-centered and sell 100 times faster.

HRMS & Payroll

SiliconR’s HRMS and Payroll software is a piece of technology to revolutionize your workplace. Our efficient software solves the issues of time consuming and repetitive tasks associated with human resources by automating it to free up company’s time and energy and allow the focus to shift to other highly impactful areas.

Food Delivery

We are also there in creating food supply software. This platform is an on-demand food supply management program that allows you to analyze in real-time. The SiliconR online application for food delivery helps our clients to coordinate the administrator and customers with new features.

Education & Schools

SiliconR builds solutions for the education sector including schools, charters, non-profit organizations and colleges. We build database-driven educational websites and content management systems to power learning and marketing of educational institutions.


We improve the way you do business with an eCommerce solutions. We can help you to design and launch easy-to-use eCommerce portals.


As a growing ERP Solutions provider, now beyond 15 years of operation and allied with SAP to bring Human Capital Management Solutions (HCM) to market. We enable small, medium and large enterprises to realize the potential and value of their investment quicker and more efficiently. We help you to integrate Web Applications with SAP in real time to provide streamline solutions with robustness & flexibility.

Point Of Sales (POS)

With SiliconR’s Point of sale software – Add product to the cart, accept payment, get info about details like inventory, products, trending products, profit and loss, create group etc.

Android App Development

We have skilled Android developers with in-depth knowledge and strong expertise in Android Software Development Kit (ASDK) API’s, Android Native Development KIT (ANDK), and Android Emulator.


From iPhone to iPad to Apple Watch - we at B2C are expert in building iOS apps. With awesome team of iOS app developers, we help businesses and startups build not only an app but a mobile strategy.


We provide custom web application development services ranging from basic landing pages to complex customized web solutions helping clients achieve their business objectives effectively.

PHP Development

As a PHP Development Company we have a team of PHP developers who can create custom solutions that are specially designed for your business requirements, providing your business a web presence that is in every way unique from your competitors. From the initial structure to design and development, our team of experts can meet your expectations.


The SiliconR ERP is the best-in-class software that is designed to meet small, medium and big business’ specific requirements. Our ERP software development services go with industries ranging from small as well as and large businesses looking for a cost-effective solution.


SuccessFactors for small, medium and large businesses brings the power of strategic HR in a solution set designed to meet your needs. It supports the full HR lifecycle with solutions that are cloud-based, easy to implement, and capable of growing with your organization so you can start anywhere go everywhere!